Dr. Praveen Chintapanti

A relentless learner, Dr. Praveen Kumar Chintapanti, through his professional and personal journey, has mastered the understanding of the basic tenets of human behavior at its core. He has touched and transformed many lives in unassuming yet compelling ways. He carries a mystically incredible aura that brings art, science and spirituality to a convergence, enriching individual inward journeys. His approach to defining and achieving transformation is not only unique but also challenges many existing learning mechanisms.

Dr. Praveen Chintapanti worked as a consultant Psychiatrist at NHS, UK and prior to that he pursued his studies from NIMHANS, Bangalore and Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad. During his 12-year stint with NHS, UK, Dr. Praveen honed his skills of understanding human behavior and the mind from various perspectives. He spent some time in the Himalayas with various gurus. He mastered the technique of amalgamating science and spirituality to transform the lives of people.

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