Corporate programs

Achieving one’s professional goals even in the best of cultures can be challenging. We at Tranquil Minds seek to balance synergies in organisational spaces that lead to successful entities and happier individuals.

An organization is as good as its people. People define the culture, spirit, and success of an organisation. Being a part of an organisation affects everyone differently - from how people think, to how they feel and perform. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as different expectations, team dynamics, culture, individual insecurities, stress, work-life balance, personal life and identity.

We, at Tranquil Minds offer varied programs to resolve the above concerns. We combine research, behavioural expertise, wisdom and storytelling as part of several results-driven programmes.

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  1. Pinnacle of Success
  2. Talking Spaces
  3. Mind at Play

Talking Spaces

We offer non-judgemental, discreet conversational spaces for individuals without any social, ethical or legal restrictions. This enables individuals to explore their inner selves and maximise their potential.

Stress management

Individuals can freely talk about the various forms of stress that they face whether at work, with friends or family, etc. We have a proven track record of treating individuals from different walks of life, including the film industry, corporate executives, businessmen, professionals who availed our services and leading a peaceful and successful lives.


We provide individual assessments as well as group assessments. This enables organisations to identify interpersonal dynamics and how they affect work environments and influence productivity.

Peak Performance workshops

This programme is offered only for senior executives involved in decision-making, as an outbound programme for 2 days. Based on the outcome, a further course of action will be decided.

Transforming Talks

We provide exclusive talks for corporates. These talks are typically scheduled for 90 minutes to 120 minutes followed by a Q&A. The use of storytelling and metaphors, is our forte. Our talks aid personal transformation, making use of experiential learning.

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