Relationship issues

Every relationship comes with its own set of challenges, and there will never not be issues. Fortunately, issues can be fixed with counselling.

  • Marital / Pre-Marital issues - Pre-marital counseling seeks to identify potential areas of conflict between couples before marriage. While marital counseling occurs after marriage, when a couple is distressed or when they are facing incompatibility. Counseling is recommended even when problems are not evident, to prevent them before they arise.
  • Family issues - No family is perfect and all members have different thinking, beliefs, values, personalities and goals. Conflict is common, but counseling is required when discord cannot be dealt with peacefully and quickly.
  • Intimacy issues - A fear of intimacy with someone is often tied to a fear of emotional and/or physical vulnerability.
  • Inter-generational issues - Conflict between generations is common and associated with a perceived generation gap due to cultural, social and economic differences.

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