Primer to ADHD

Published on April 2, 2019

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a behavioral disorder that includes symptoms such as inattention or hyperactivity and impulsiveness or a combination of both. Symptoms start at an early age but become prominent and noticeable when a child starts going to school. Most children are diagnosed with ADHD between the ages 6 to 12 years….

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Exam time! It is that time of the year again.

Published on March 6, 2019

  7 tips for parents during their children’s examinations. Keep calm and don’t panic: Exams can be stressful. If you are calm, your child will be calm.   2. Be available: Your child needs you NOW, more than ever. Be your child’s exam partner! Be available. Talk to your child and listen to them with…

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